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Beiträge: scheinbar wird hier der Code zensiert....

function themeheader () {

     global $opnConfig, $opnTheme;

$opnConfig['put_to_head'][] = '<script type="text/javascript"> <<<PUTTOHEAD

var Rollpic1 = "images/header_logo1.jpg";

var Rollpic2 = "images/header_logo2.jpg";

var Rollpic3 = "images/header_logo3.jpg";
var Rollpic3 = "images/header_logo4.jpg";
var Rollpic3 = "images/header_logo5.jpg";

//Start at the what pic:

var PicNumber=1;

//Number of pics:

var NumberOfPictures=3;

//Time between pics switching in secs

var HowLongBetweenPic=1;

//SwitchPic Function

function SwitchPic(counter){

     if(counter < HowLongBetweenPic){




          //DEBUG in the status bar at the bottom of the screen

          window.status="Switch picture at 5 : "+counter+" PicNumber: "+PicNumber+" ";


          //Display pic in what <IMG> tag roll is what I called the image

          document.roll.src = eval("Rollpic" + PicNumber);


          //function calls itself






               //if its not the last picture goto the next picture

               if(PicNumber < NumberOfPictures){




               //its the last picture go to the first one










     echo '<body>' . _OPN_HTML_NL;

     OpenWaitBox ();

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